ACTIVOL ® 1803





A major producer of high quality steel sheet wanted to increase efficiency in its pickling operation. The company was already using an acid inhibitor and believed that better inhibitor technology could:

  • Decrease acid consumption
  • Lower total costs
  • Improve product quality




The introduction of ACTIVOL ® 1803, a joint offering from Harry Miller Corporation and Quaker Chemical resulted in the following benefits:

  • High degree of restraining action to the attack of hydrochloric acid on base steel
  • Did not retard the descaling rate of oxides on steel surfaces
  • Uniformly pickled surface, free from smut or ingrained scale provided by wetting properties
  • Uniformly pickled metals with a shiny surface and minimal edge corrosion
  • Reduced hydrogen evolution at the solution/steel interface reduces hydrogen embrittlement
  • Pleasant odor that facilitated manual addition
  • Stable pickling solutions for extended time periods at elevated temperatures without loosing inhibiting action