Ready To Roll.

With the newest thinking and technology, close alignment with machine tool manufacturers and over 40 years of hands-on problem solving experience, Quaker provides solutions that improve your processes − and your bottom line.

We have served some of the world′s largest reversing mills, single and multi-stand tandem finishing mills and combination mill systems.  Our aluminum rolling expertise and high-performance fluids deliver solutions for every process in your mill.  Our rolling oils and lubricants are formulated to be compatible with downstream processes, so you′ll achieve the most productive, cost-effective transitions possible as your product moves from casting to coil.  Our innovators and engineers bring fresh perspectives to optimize your operations and meet the exact performance demands of your mill.  When there′s a problem, the entire global team is ready to apply its expertise−from application specialists to experts in the lab.

Contact Quaker today to put unparalleled expertise and proven products to work for you.