Can Manufacturing


Jobs Well Done.  Inside & Out.

For steel and aluminum can making − we go above and beyond to benefit your entire operations. When it comes to improving your overall business, and getting the most from your process equipment and other plant resources, you need the expertise and experience of an established, recognized solutions provider to the Industry.

That′s where Quaker comes in. Trusted around the world as chemists, engineers and technical experts, we′re a valuable partner to our customers.  We have a proven track record of improving can making operations by providing expertise and customized support services for all of the critical front-end processes in your operation.

Key benefits of choosing Quaker solutions for your can making operations:

  • Application Support − Close teamwork for the best results
  • Reduced Tear-Off and Spoilage Rates −  Improve efficiency and see less rework and rejects
  • Reduced Usage, Maintenance and Applied Costs − Positively impact your bottom line
  • Minimized Environmental Impact − Coolants are 100% biostable and cleaners are formulated for reduced water usage and reduced BOD′s and COD′s


Contact Quaker to see just how much of a difference a complete solution can offer to your operations, and your bottom line.