Benefits and Value

Quaker Chemical Management Services (QCMSSM) has built a solid reputation of delivering approved and annual direct cost savings of 5 to 15%.

Direct Savings

  • Chemical usage: Over 80% of our customer's hard dollar cost savings are from our ability to reduce their consumption of chemicals
  • Chemical waste volumes: With reduced usage comes reduced chemical waste requiring less waste processing and related haul-off
  • Reduced chemical usage and waste provides immediate and easily measured hard dollar savings direct to your bottom line − Savings that Quaker can and does guarantee


Indirect Savings

  • Improved process productivity, up time and troubleshooting: Reduced chemical maintenance related issues. Our on-site experts in the use and application of chemicals, can pinpoint and identify problems, provide supporting data and draw from our global QCMS Team′s knowledge
  • Reduced risk of health and safety exposures: Occurs with QCMSSM full understanding and control of chemicals being used and applied, reduced consumption and waste of chemicals
  • Improved workforce utilization: Customer′s staff is freed from managing chemical related processes and related infrastructure to focus solely on their business
  • Services Savings: Invest in only the level of services you need, eliminating redundancy and complexity from multiple vendors or unnecessary services
  • Simplified Administration: One contract, one invoice, one process, and single-point of accountability
  • Informed business management decisions: Departments and functions have timely, reliable and consistent data / reports to see and understand the “ big picture ”


Quaker CMS benefits the total organization.

While many departments directly use or support the chemicals required by your business, QCMS program benefits every part of your organization. Some examples:

  • Production Supervisor−improved stability of chemical systems.
  • Plant Controller and Environmental Engineer−detailed chemical cost and usage information.
  • Health & Safety Manager−up-to-date reporting such as the banned chemical materials list, REACH (EU) and SCAQMD (California, USA) legislation compliance.



Manufacturing Maintenance/Engineering Purchasing/Finance Environment/
Health and Safety



  • Ensuring stability of chemical-related processes
  • Maintaining manufacturing process requirements
  • Greater ease of administration:
  • Single-point of accountability & responsibility for chemical performance
  • Direct management & single-point of contact for chemical suppliers
  • Reducing attention to management of chemicals and chemical-related systems
  • Increasing manufacturing uptime via reduced chemical maintenance-related issues
  • Allows your team to focus on manufacturing, not managing process around the chemicals
  • Accurate tracking of chemical product & service costs to user department/accounts
  • Adding expert knowledge of the use & application of chemicals

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Maintenance & engineering.

  • Maintenance of chemical system process requirements
  • Stability of chemical-related processes
  • Chemical manager is "part of the fix"
  • Reduction in the total cost of chemicals
  • Supports the preventive maintenance process/lubrication management
  • Chemical product & service costs tracked to user department/accounts
  • Expert in the use & application of chemicals
  • Timely, reliable, consistent data & reporting with integrity

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Procurement, purchasing & finance.

  • Timely, reliable, centralized, consistent data & reporting with integrity:
    • Consigned chemical inventory
    • Chemical spend by department, chemical, chemical category (as reported daily, weekly or monthly)
    • Chemical costs is associated to consumption at point-of-use, not delivery-to-facility
    • Chemical product & service costs tracked to user department/accounts
  • Visible and hard dollar savings in the chemical volumes purchased
  • Ease of administration & reduction in paperwork
    • Significant reduction in supply base. Numerous chemical suppliers to a single service provider/invoice
  • Expert as part of your chemical supply chain team
  • Guaranteed cost savings

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Environmental, health & safety.

  • Reduced health and safety exposure to chemicals
  • Ease of administration/single-point of contact
  • Timely, reliable, consistent data & reporting with integrity
  • Management of MSDS/approval of chemicals
  • Chemical manager is "part of the fix"
  • Expert in the use & application of chemicals
  • Reduced end-of-pipe volume
  • Managed chemical approval process
  • Data warehouse of chemical use

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