Chemical Management Services

We Know the Way.

Manufacturers around the world are responding to the challenges of accomplishing more with fewer resources to remain competitive, stay compliant and maintain a high standard of health, safety and environmental compliance. At the same time, they need a way to address these pressures while improving plant productivity. Quaker has a proven, systemic approach that delivers benefits to every part of your organization.


Not your average CMS program.

Our customers know that there′s a Quaker difference. First, we guarantee we′ll change the way you think about and use process fluids. Second, no one can match the experience and knowledge of the most respected and trained chemical managers in the industry. Most importantly, we don′t stop at the basics of procurement and traditional chemical management services. We continuously pursue the reduction of chemical consumption, along with the improvement of your manufacturing processes.


What Quaker brings to the floor.

We don′t end at the basics of buying chemicals and managing the systems where chemicals are being used. We go beyond to strive for the optimization of your chemical usage. As a result, reductions in chemical consumption and in the disposal of chemical waste can account for more than 80% of savings−meaning QCMSSM is good for business and good for the environment.


Better metrics, better insight.

QCMSSM starts with data. We collect data when we first step onto the plant floor and then every day after: metrics for each chemical category, each process, each department. This data and our experience and insight in managing chemicals for over 20 years are how we impact the way our customers think about and use their chemicals. It′s how we deliver savings to your bottom line.

Through the efficient use of chemistry, QCMSSM guarantees a path of continuous improvement that delivers sustainable, significant, year-over-year cost savings.



Brains meet brawn: the Quaker CMS site staff.

The Quaker CMS approach is proven in more than 100 metalworking and steel manufacturing sites around the globe. Perhaps the biggest difference is the people who staff our programs. Quaker has some of the most respected, well-trained chemical managers in the industry − with an average of 12 -15 years of experience in managing chemicals, with over 85% having science-related degrees.

Our team′s ability to make a real difference relies on Quaker′s approach and inherent tenacity; we′re truly driven to succeed. Our Associates support and rely on our culture of knowledge-sharing to tap into information across our global network. This is what separates Quaker Associates from the rest − and you′ll see the difference a world of expertise makes for your operations and bottom line.


In it to win it. For the long haul.

Our programs have been long-term and have been renewed over 97% of the time by satisfied customers; some programs have been running as long as 15 years.

Quaker has surveyed customers in every QCMSSM Program. From the machine operator to the plant manager, we ask how well we′re doing and what we can do better. We share the results with each customer, our site staff and management team. This is part of our continuous improvement commitment to our customers.

Over the past eight years, Quaker has been rated "good" to "excellent" in every category.

customer satisfaction chart