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Quaker joins with Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

The Quaker/SFHR Technical Alliance

  • Quaker and the SFHR technical staff will be teaming together to develop technology for advanced lubrication and greases, combining their respective disciplines to formulate products that conquer the extreme temperature and pressure generated at the track during racing conditions
  • Quaker′ s focus will be to translate the track-side research into products that continue to play a leadership role in creating bottom-line value and performance for customers in the automotive, mining and steel industries for the following areas:
    • Fire hazardous and environmentally sensitive bearing applications
    • Industrial applications where water washout or water spray-off is a major concern
  • Application with high temperatures, high load and extreme pressure
  • SFHR's focus will be on lubricants and greases that give it a competitive edge in increased car speed and mechanical endurance


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      The SFHR Team

  • Quaker has picked one of the youngest, fastest growing and talented race teams as its technical partner. The company is owned by former driver Sarah Fisher, the youngest woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500, and the first woman to run a full IZOD IndyCar Series schedule.
  • The driver of the SFHR No. 67 car is 21 year-old Josef Newgarden, the Firestone Light Series 2011 Champion
  • This native of Henderson, Tennessee gives American IndyCar fans a fresh face to
    root for

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