Our Solutions

It's What's Inside Our Products.

With over 90 years of experience, we supply a unique portfolio that makes a difference for each customer and each application; from chemical specialties to process fluids, coatings to lubricants and more.

Behind each of our products stand:

  • Continuous and extensive research and development to ensure our solutions are always cutting-edge and optimized for their purpose. And with our global business model, information is shared across industries and markets to achieve the highest standard of quality possible
  • Unique technology based on industrial process intelligence. From process fluids that can be formulated for the most cost-efficient and effective impact, to corrosion preventives and coatings that are compatible with chemicals and processes upstream and downstream
  • Partnerships with the world's leading Machine Tool Manufacturers (MTMs) based on decades of experience, to provide solutions that improve the value of their output to the final consumer
  • Formulations tailored for optimum performance for each individual customer, site and process
  • Proprietary base components. Unlike other suppliers, we synthesize some of our key raw materials in-house, allowing us to formulate many products from the ground up. That means more control over the solutions we deliver to you