Primary Metals and Aluminum Industries

With nearly 100 years of experience in the steel industry, we have a broad portfolio of products and services. We are the

• Global leader in steel rolling lubrication.
• An innovator in the aluminum industry.

Quaker's unique approach to the primary metals market

• Customer needs for improved product performance.
• Bottom line costs.
• Environmental compliance.

Our products are often the industry standards, and for good reasons. Yet they are just part of the advantage we create through a unique blend of application, expertise and service. We deliver proven solutions based on our in-depth knowledge and the experience gathered from working with major customers in your industry-in every corner of the world.

Products for Steel Industries

• Caster Lubricants
• Vertical Edger Roll Lubrication
• Roll Bite Lubrication for Hot Strip Mill
• Cold Rolling Oil
• Electrolytic Cleaners
• Wet Temper Fluid
• Rust Preventive Oils
• Maintenance Cleaners

Quaker's unique approach to the primary metals market centers on customer needs for improved product performance, bottom line costs, and environmental compliance.

Steel Making

Cold Rolling