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HART1770 Our Quality PolicyTo Quaker, real quality means real value. We deliver it by anticipating, satisfying and exceeding customer expectations the first time and every time. It starts with business planning, product and service development, raw material selection, and extends through manufacturing, shipment, administrative functions and final utilization of the product.

Our efforts have been acknowledged globally by the International Organization for Standardization, through which we've earned ISO 9001:2008 certification at our own facilities.


Understanding ISO Standards

ISO 9001:2008 relates to "quality management," meaning the organization enhances customer satisfaction by meeting customer and regulatory requirements, while continually working to improve its performance.

We have implemented a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO-9001:2008 Standards. We endevour to achieve quality through the dedicated and committed efforts of all our associates (employees).

We realize that quality is a journey and not a destination. All our associates are involved continuously to improve all our products & services towards delivering to our customers' long-term benefits from improved products, processes, productivity and even relationships.